Online Marketing Techniques

With the recent increase in popularity of social media and dependency on the internet for basic tasks, like shopping, getting information, and more, many businesses have turned to the internet for advertising. The internet offers a large variety of different marketing techniques that can reach the huge audience of consumers online. The authors of "Social Media in an Alternative Marketing Communication Model” make an important point in writing, “the advent of the Internet has increased the ability of individuals and potential future customers to interpersonally connect with one another, thereby creating a powerful means through which product information can be rapidly disseminated and products be more cost-effectively adopted by the market” (qtd. in Castronovo 118). Primarily because the internet provides a direct connection between businesses and consumers, it has proved to be an powerful resource in the world of marketing. Companies can now track consumers and tailor coupons, offers, and products accordingly; connect with customers through e-mail, partner with online games, create an app, build company profiles on popular social media sites, offer incentives to customers for inviting friends, and creating a website with interactive features.